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Birthday Greeting Card

Handmade Cards Ideas

Here is a pocket card I made in a matter of minutes. This has got to be one my recent favorites as it’s bright and cheery.  Really simple to do.  Here are the steps in general so that you can improvise and create your own.  It’s all about creativity…I am just here to give an idea.  🙂

Birthday Greeting Card

Birthday Greeting Card


  1. Blue cardstock 6″ X 12″
  2. Pattern paper (I used colorful striped with glitter) approx. 5″ X 5.8″
  3. Blue cardstock approx 5.1″ X 5.9″ (use as  matting cardstock for the pattern paper)
  4. Orange Ribbon
  5. Orange scallop tag with a suitable sentiment
  6. Orange cardstock for the message tag to be inserted into pocket.


  1. Foam tape
  2. Eyelet to make the blue pocket

How To Instructions

  1. Score and fold 6″ X 12″ blue cardstock at 3″ and 9″ point so that it meet in the center nicely.
  2. Secure the pocket by fastening an eyelet and the point where the blue cardstock meets.  Don’t worry about the unsightly eyelet, it will be nicely hidden by the colorful pattern paper.
  3. Matt the colorful pattern paper 5″ X 5.8″ over a blue cardstock.
  4. Fasten sentiment tag (orange scallop tag) on pattern paper using foam tape for added dimension.
  5. Tie orange ribbon round the blue pocket as shown in image.
  6. The whole piece of design is pasted over the blue pocket using foam tape and it will keep the orange ribbon in place, cover the eyelet and also cover majority of the blue cardstock used for the pocket.  Note the “split” of the pocket will be covered by your main design.
  7. Prepare orange message tag, measuring slightly smaller than 6″ X 6″ so that it fits into the pocket.

Other variation

  1. You may not want to include the orange ribbon as shown in this design.  Use the ribbon for the message tag, it may just help in pulling the tag out.

Hope you enjoy this card and if this inspire you to make a similar card.

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