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Uses of Brads

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When I started Scrapbooking a few years ago, I attended a basic class and was introduced to different materials used in Scrapbooking and similarly for cardmaking.  I was introduced to Brad (Pitt), that was what the teacher said by helping us remember the names.  Funny…I thought.

But seriously, I became a big fan of Brad, knowing the versatility it offers and best of all, I don’t need additional tool to help me fasten it.

Brads for Craft

Brads for Craft

Brads come in many different shapes and sizes and a huge range of colors.  Basically, they are small pins with two bendable prongs that is pierced through the paper and folded in to secure it.

Some of the uses of brads include:

  • Securing prima flowers to your design
  • Fastening papers together when you mat a cardstock onto each other
  • Decorative purposes, especially those brads that have unique designs
Use of brad on prima flower

Use of brad on prima flower

Use of Brad on Prima Flower

Use of Brad on Prima Flower

Use of Brad for Matting

Use of Brad at 4 corners for Matting

Something noteworthy is careful handling of brads as the edges of the prongs can be quite sharp. Piercing through several paper can be tough on the prongs.  An effective method is to line all the materials that you want to secure with a brad over a mouse pad, use a needle or piercing tool to pierce a hole first and then put the brad through the hole.  Flatten the prongs at the back of the card and you are done!

Good quality brads include brands like Making Memories, Queen & Company, Karen Foster and many more.  I particularly like Queen & Company as their brads are always so creative and unique.

For beginner paper crafter, I highly recommend the use of brads instead of eyelets as you will need additional tools for setting the eyelets.  So, just in case you decide paper crafting is not for you, brads are also good just to fasten notes, papers or even use it to fasten the top of brown paper bags.  For kids who love paper crafting, these are additional embellishments for them to explore with.  Just need to be more careful choosing those brads where the prongs are more rounded and not too sharp.  This is great for kids as using brad does need a little logically thinking to make sure that the prongs are not visible and nicely hidden.  🙂

You may visit my usual online craft store to see what variety they have or browse through here to see what is available,