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Cardmaking Kits for All Occasion

Handmade Cards Ideas

If you are new to cardmaking and not very sure if this is a good hobby for you, it’s always best not to splurge on the fanciful tools and materials till you are certain that it’s something you really enjoy.

When I first started out, I actually drew most the cards for friends and subsequently started with a cardmaking kit just to explore a little bit more on the embellishment I could use. I was then certain that cardmaking and every scrapbooking is something that I really enjoy and soon, started to invest more on tools and materials.

SEI Card Kit

My first SEI Card Kit From Amazon

So, if you aren’t sure if this is for you, try out cardmaking kits. Most of them come in complete cardstock with matching envelopes, embellishment and die-cuts for your use. Nice stickers are also available and some even include soft embellishments such as ribbons, though I must say it’s really hard to come by now.

Anyway, check out what Amazon has to offer,