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Thank you for visiting www.handmade-cards-ideas.com, inspired by my passion to celebrate the tradition of sending greeting cards and of course, anything handmade is always good.

Have you ever received a greeting card that is personalized just for you and you know it can never be found on the retail shelf? Isn’t that a good feeling to know that you own that one and only design and will definitely be a keepsake card for years to come?


Making Your Own Greeting Cards


Making greeting cards can be from a basic level where you probably have most of the materials, such as paper, scissors, glue, ribbons, etc.

It can progressively be more challenging when you introduce rubber stamping techniques to create exciting images to your cards.

Next level of cardmaking introduces scrapbooking approach where you can include photos as part of your card.

Cardmaking Materials

Cardmaking Materials


What Is This Site All About?

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This site aims to provide handmade cards ideas, complete guide to handmade cards with an introduction to rubber stamping and a resource for discounted craft suppliesfor a cost effective cardmaking experience.You can easily browse through the cards gallery by selecting either by occasion or by the styleof the card at the “NAVIGATION BAR” above or on the right.Recent works will be shown on the “SITE UPDATES” on the right.I have also grouped my works according to themes such as color, brands of products reflected in the TAGS section on the left.


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